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Lo atormentaba la culpa de haberla abandonado a su suerte en el patio de los esclavos. A eso atribula sus silencios, que podian durar meses; las explosiones de violencia irracional, la astucia con que se burlaba de la madre colgándoles a los gatos el cencerro que ella le ponía en el puño. La mayor dificultad para conocerla era su vicio de mentir por placer.

«Como los negros», dijo Delaura.

«Los negros nos mienten a nosotros, pero no Intre ellos», dijo el marqués.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Del Amor y Otros Demonios

Slavery is a very intimate relationship. The master owns a body which he commands as his own, for work, pain or abuse. The slave is absorbed into the physical and emotional being of his master. The two identities merge. Often it is difficult to tell which is master and which is slave.

The natural progression of events is that the two indeed become merged in body and spirit. It is a state very similar to the mating of man and woman. That is why racism was conceived... as an antidote to this natural melting, mixing, melding, mating that has gone on between master and servant, since time immemorial. The racist doctrines promise the master he can have his cake and eat it too. In the end, however, all prophylactics fail.