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Annual Log Page for 1999
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12/22/99: I go under the knife in the Clinica Biblica.
12/10/99: Our Departure for Costa Rica.
10/24/99: Our return home from Tucson.
9/17/99: We set out for Arizona.
9/01/99: Photos of Mary & Angela's birthday party added to Image Galleries.
8/25/99: Stuart attends first class at U.T.
8/16/99: The Olympus D-340R arrives. Back in action!
8/16/99: Mary receives her birthday present. Happy driving, sweety!
8/14/99: Stuart peroxides his hair.
7/31/99: Andrea leaves for London.
7/30/99: Mary returns from Bogota!!
7/24/99: Photo Art Galleries & Link installed.
7/23/99: Survey link removed, pending work.
7/19/99: George & Anna return from cruise.
7/18/99: Denise and Andrea drive to Biloxi.
7/18/99: Installed guest book & counter on home page.
6/15/99: Stuart & I at "The Spy Who Shagged Me": I dropped the Olympus on the Asphalt.
6/14/99: Spence welds the brace again. Will it last?
6/14/99: Stuart makes his first page at Tripod: Stuart's Steel Mill. I think it needs a little more work.
6/13/99: John's right leg-brace breaks again. Different place. Back to the scooter.
6/13/99: Claire gets her first car: a red 1993 Sunbird.
6/11/99: Home Page re-vamped.
6/09/99: Last board meeting.
6/01/99: Tax Equalization Board meetings begin.
5/31/99: Spence can repair the brace. Hurray!
5/29/99: Right leg brace breaks at the joint; Angela's party.

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